Our solutions

Our product lines

Our innovative product line offers our customers a complete and structured portfolio.

We strive to be our customer’s preferred and reliable partner,
a ‘best in class’ multi-specialist that delivers pragmatic innovations.

We offer 7 product lines, 19 segments with more than 36 000 references, balancing the risk of competitive exposure. We are positioned in interior (volatile and competitive market) as well as engine and exterior (less competitors, specific expertise required). We have a balanced customer portfolio with Top 15 brands, more than 70 customers and roughly 400 car copies to provide value added solutions to all types of customers.

Engine Components

Engine specialist since 1964, Novares pioneered the 1st plastic fan and the 1st plastic cam cover.
We provide technical expertise in with Air Management, Oil Management, Water Management, Engine Acoustic and Aero, and Tanks. We also have developed various joint innovations projects requested by our current customers. Novares offers a complete range of products with 75% gasoline and 25% diesel exposure.

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Bezels & Clusters

Leader in Europe with best-in-class manufacturing process capable of delivering to the most demanding customers and strong exposure on premium segments (Porsche, Audi, Cadillac, Bentley). Our Bezels and Clusters are produced using both robotics and a human touch to ensure manufacturing is cost efficient and provides high quality.

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Air Vents & Decoration Trims

A pragmatic global partner, in this division, we have the ability to supply to the most demanding global customer as well as high volume.

Our design capability includes painting, chrome, IMD, IML, and functional kinematics.

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Interior & Car Body Trim

We have developed many patents with unique multi-functionalities in this division.

We provide strong references (e.g. BMW) thanks to in-depth engineering capabilities in dedicated R&D centers, coupled with cost competitiveness and manufacturing  process excellence in global footprint of our 42 plants.

We have the ability and the know-how to manage the complete vehicle sets for our customers worldwide – we create more than 60 different pieces within a car body.

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We are a global partner in this product line. Our product includes Interior Handles, Exterior Handles, Fuel door and Inside Liftgate Handles. The production of our Handles combines plastics engineering, architect know-how with our expertise in integration and autonomy especially for mechanisms.

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Exterior Paint & Surfaces

Novares offers the state-of-the art design, painting capabilities, full manufacturing process for mid-size parts. The product line includes Spoilers & Tailgate Trims, Body Side Moldings, Roof Bars and Rails. The Group uses robotics to ensure cost efficiency together with a human touch for a quality and professional delivery.

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e-Powertrain Components

We offer strong expertise in plastics components production for Hybrid and Electric vehicles. Our product range covers the “battery boxes” including components such as Air Guides, Crash Box, Water Cooling Inlets & Outlets.

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