Discover NOVARES

We have what it takes

Novares teams have what it takes to meet our customer demands in every way.

Our customers benefit from our motivation and ambition that drive our devotion. Our 5 main strengths explain what the customer receives when partnering with Novares.


Passion for what we do. Our workforce of engineers, managers, staff are dedicated and proficient in what they do.
We are courageous, have come from a small company environment, worked up and built the international group we are today.


Creativity is at the heart of our innovative products and plastic injection techniques is the core of our expertise. We are self-starting, we never stop inventing and reinventing ourselves.


We listen to customer’s needs, work as a team to deliver the best possible technical solutions.
We are strategically located close to our customer’s site so we can best serve their needs.


We respond to customer needs in a timely manner with a quick and simple solutions. We collaborate using a proven SMART* Governance System as this enables us to achieve objectives efficiently and deliver on time.


*SMART: Strategy, Management, Attitudes, Rules, Tools



Our worldwide presence is a result of our desire to be close to our customers’ locations to best serve their needs.