Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and ambition contribute to our attractiveness to all Interested Parties, including our customers, our employees, and our shareholders. How we integrate with our environment, support our employees and conduct our business affects our right to operate and our competitiveness.



Employees at the heart of Novares’ CSR commitment

Novares gives special attention to all its employees, who are the beneficiaries of its social commitment and the actors in its responsible approach. Through its corporate social policy, the Group is committed to ensuring health and safety at work. It also aims to guarantee respect for human rights, develop skills and promote equal opportunities.

1/ Respect Human rights

As an international player, Novares conducts its activities with respect for fundamental human rights at work. The Group is therefore committed to promoting those rights and, if needed, to rectify employees’ fundamental rights abuses.


2/ Guarantee a healthy and safe working environment

Employee health and safety is the main priority of Novares’ social policy. Our prevention approach is based on containing professional risks, monitoring the efficiency of prevention measures and implementing a continuous improvement approach which covers all Group entities.


3/ Promote equal opportunities

Novares rejects all forms of discrimination. Through its corporate social policy, the Group makes all employees aware of the benefits of diversity. Novares strives to provide everyone with the keys for individual and collective development.

Act ethically and with Solidarity

As a committed player and ethical company, the Group also promotes solidarity actions and supports citizen initiatives.

1/ Respect the rules of business ethics

Novares is committed to preventing corruption and fraud, respecting competition rules, avoiding conflicts of interest by raising awareness and training its employees and by closely monitoring the proper application of its compliance program.


2/ Ensure responsible partnerships

Novares’ responsible purchasing approach is one of the structuring pillars of its corporate and social responsibility. In order to ensure the sustainable development of its activities, the Group expects its partners to adhere to the same standards of social and environmental responsibility as Novares.


3/ Promote solidarity actions

Novares focuses on projects aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), defined by the United Nations Global Compact. Novares strives to promote and highlight, both internally and externally, a range of local initiatives that are complementary to our business mission. Employees take an active role in contributing to these successes in their areas.

Innovate to limit the environmental impact of our activities

As a key industry player, Novares considers that reducing the impact of its activities on the environment as a priority. For years, we have focused on a continuous improvement approach and on involving all the Group’s entities.

1/ Systematize ISO 14001 certification

Novares aims to prevent environmental risks and improve its sites’ performance.


2/ Reduce the energy intensity of the Group’s activities and thus contribute to the fight against climate change

As an industrial role-player, Novares considers it a priority to reduce the energy intensity of its activities.


3/ Sustainable management of natural resources

Firmly committed to preserving natural resources, Novares contributes to reducing raw material consumption by using secondary materials, in particular by recycling its own production waste. Also, Novares strives to reduce water, air and soil pollution, as well as limiting local nuisances. Novares is also focused on reducing water use.


4/ Design our products from a life-cycle perspective

Novares wishes to promote eco-design in its Skill Centers and take environmental aspects into consideration in the design and development of its products.

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