TG0 and Novares Group: a strong technology partnership to develop intuitive commands for the automotive industry.

April 8th, 2024

TG0 and Novares celebrate 4 years of partnership by reinvigorating their joint work on new innovative smart systems development, where TG0 technology has been integrated into Novares’ products.

Teams from the two companies strengthen their collaboration around the Beijing Auto Show to present their co-working alliance on electronic-based plastic commands to customers and partners, combining designs, technology, and new endless possibilities.

Novares Group brings its expertise in the production of advanced solutions with intelligent and intuitive interfaces integrating TG0’s innovative solutions sought by new-gen EVs. Using the same sustainable approach, both companies value is based on the motto “build more with less” which means fewer materials, lower energy consumption and easy recycling for a more powerful product that leads up to 33% CO2 reduction.

The innovative technology combines ergonomics and design freedom into one monolithic control unit that offers intuitive interactions to user through sliding, tilting, push/pulling or swiping gestures. Targeted products are, but not limited to, center consoles, overhead consoles, seat controllers, IP or door handle controllers. The collaborative expertise of both companies allows to enlarge considerably the range of user interface portfolio to answer customers’ demands and users ‘expectations.

TG0 first came to the attention of Novares during the Nova Car accelerator.  Novares started co-working with a few partners in 2018 through Novares Venture Capital, then quickly enlarged its collaboration to startups and innovative compagnies. TG0 is one of the successful partnerships resulting of a strong team spirit between the two companies, reinforcing the commitment to rely on each other’s complementary skills.


During a speech, Pierre BOULET, Novares CEO, said: “Partnering with TG0 is really fulling our move towards “Beyond Plastics” trend. It will provide a new, unique, and attractive experience to all generations of car drivers. This is the result of a long lasting and strong working relation between TG0 and Novares.

Ming, TG0 CEO, also highlighted: “”Our continued partnership with Novares is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence in the automotive industry. Together, we’re redefining user interactions and style through intuitive design and advanced HMI technology. This elevated collaboration signifies our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the driving experience and contribute to the future of mobility.”


Based in France, Novares is a global supplier of plastic solutions that designs and manufactures complex components and systems that serve the future of the automotive industry.

The company creates and produces advanced automotive solutions with technical plastic injection for greener, lighter, and connected cars with intelligent and intuitive interfaces for all passengers.

Novares co-develops and provides engineering and manufacturing expertise to virtually every OEM in the world and many Tier 1 companies in the automotive market.

Novares, which is behind the construction of one in three vehicles in the world, achieved a turnover of 1.2 billion euros in 2023, thanks to its presence in 22 countries, its 37 manufacturing plants, its 7 centers of expertise, its 7 technical centers and 17 customer service centers around the world to partner with customers.



TG0, is a London-based hardware-tech company, pioneering next-generation human-machine interfaces with innovative design interactions using its patented sensing technology. From automotive to medical devices and consumer electronics, the touch, gesture, and pressure-sensitive interfaces redefine how users engage with their products and devices.

TG0 partners with global industry leaders, leveraging TG0 technology to create smarter, more sustainable products, setting new industry standards and breakout designs.