3 days after revealing Nova Car#1, Novares is already on track for the next demo car!

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April 5, 2018

Following the unveiling of its third-generation Nova Car #1 at Station F in Paris, Novares announces the winning projects from its Hackathon led at Global Industrie – Smart Industry 4.0 show, at Villepinte.

With the ambition of showing new patented innovations to make cars cleaner, lighter, more cost effective and user-friendly and new features to enhance car automation and connectedness, Nova Car #1’s innovations are closely linked to new mobility and business models such as car leasing and sharing. Nova Car #1 also allows global car manufacturers to visualize the innovations they will later incorporate into their cars.

In the same trend, Novares takes a vow of intensifying its collaborations with start-ups and new technologies business models even higher. In that purpose, Novares has sponsored a major Hackathon hosted by Global Industry – Smart Industry 4.0 Exhibit, in partnership with Arts & Métiers Acceleration and Agorize.

In only 3 days, the Novares R&D experts were present to coach and mentor the 4 pre-selected start-ups nominated from the Group global worldwide contest to release concrete prototypes: “Eyeware”, “Boarding Ring”, “CopSonic” and “Scortex”.

Scortex is about artificial intelligence in automotive parts inspection and maintenance. Harnessing the power of deep learning, they provide a turnkey smart visual inspection solution as a service for manufacturing. The solution proposed by Scortex will automatize Novares’ quality control on visually inspected parts. It helps improve upon purely human judgment, which is dependent on human eye sensitivity. The solution ensures a constant quality level matching boundary samples and measurable data in every Novares plant.

CopSonic is about ultrasonic authentication. They develop a new technology system based on ultrasonic waves to send secure and encrypted data between two devices in order to achieve authentication, mobile payment or tracking for car sharing. Copsonic technology could be integrated into Novares new Bird View system, or other Novares exterior body parts, to enable secure communication with parking or highway barriers via smartphones, in order to pay tickets and toll fees.

Eyeware offers solutions for using eye tracking information in real-world interactions, by capturing user attention, intention, and interest. As a result they can inform the outside environment about the driver’s awareness of the car, bike or pedestrian around. The Eyeware solution could be integrated into the interior of the car to check what the driver has seen, and then inform nearby pedestrians and cyclists via a visual signal incorporated into the Novares Bird View solution.

Boarding Ring has for ambition to make travel sickness an old story. By recreating an artificial horizon in the peripheral field of vision of all the passengers, “Boarding Light” avoids the sensory conflict responsible for travel sickness. As a specialist in interior vertical pillars, Novares could easily and effectively integrate this technology to make current and future travel more comfortable particularly, in the case of semi-autonomous driving.

The objective of the final lap was to drive between start-ups and engineers pragmatic prototypes with features including more and larger displays on board, easy-to-use onboard set-up, 360° augmented reality features and a tuning-free driver position to facilitate communications between the vehicle and its inside environment (passengers) and outside environment (pedestrian, bikes, further cars).

Through this hackathon, Novares reinforces its position as an integrator of smart surface technologies, plastronics (plastics & electronics), as well as user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) and connected enhancements into turnkey pragmatic innovations, for the benefit of car manufacturers.

I am very proud of this first experience hackathon for Novares and the concrete results we can show. As a product of our innovation culture, we want to showcase our contribution to the future of the automotive industry, alongside our customers. I would like to thank all start-ups including the winner, Boarding Light for demonstrating applied concept to our Nova Car#1, totally in line with market trends and end-users needs of on-board smooth experience. They are part of the collaborative approach Novares has on innovation, a tactic that will allow us to provide more creative, pragmatic and smart solutions for our customers.” says Luc Dornier, Novares VP Product Development.

Novares, an expert company in plastic injection and moulding, strives constantly to develop value-added, innovative products. Because of its willingness to step up co-innovations with partners and start-ups, along with its deeply rooted innovation culture, size and global reach, the Group is able to quickly bring to market some of the latest digital automotive technologies available. Proving this approach and step ahead, Novares is under way through the activities of its investment arm: Novares Venture Capital SAS, open to such collaborations with 50 million euros invested during 5 years.

About Novares

Mecaplast – Key Plastics rebranded as Novares on September 19th, 2017.

Novares is a global plastic solutions provider that designs and manufactures complex components & systems serving the future of the automotive industry. The company creates and produces cutting edge automotive parts and specializes in technical plastic injection that contributes to cleaner, lighter, more connected, user-friendly cars.

Novares provides engineering and manufacturing expertise to virtually every OEM and many Tier-1 companies in the automotive market. Novares’ estimated 2017 revenues amount to €1.2 billion¹.

Headquartered in France, the group is present in 21 countries, runs 42 manufacturing plants, 7 Skill centers, 5 Technical centers and 17 customer service centers, around the globe to partner with customers.


¹Estimated information not derived from consolidated financial statements that has not been approved by the Company’s Chairman and has not been audited by its statutory auditors.